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How to deal with condensation issues in the cold

As the weather grows colder and the need to ‘whack up the heating’ becomes routine we begin to see the condensation that can occur on our windows, due to excessive moisture with the fluctuation in various temperatures and older or poorly fitted glass. 

Condensation is horrible, it ruins the view out your windows, from mere mist to huge water droplets, whether it’s on the inside or between panes of glass. What’s worse is condensation if left unchecked can cause rot and mold severely damaging your windows housings and walls.  

  1. Replace the glass 

The simplest option for this issue will be to replace that glass planes, more often than not condensation, especially inside panes will be down to either old windows or poorly fitted windows. Our windows repair experts are able to fix this issue for good with our glass replacement service.  

  1. Karcher (Other brands available) window vac 

One great preventative tool you can purchase is a window vac. This simple gadget will allow you to suck off all that condensation from your window with ease. This will most likely become a morning ritual if condensation is bad, but it will