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The Benefits of Triple Glazing

What is triple glazing? Triple glazing is made up of three glasses instead of one or two. The gap between each glass is normally filled with argon, as this chemical is colourless and odourless. This dense gas is more thermally efficient than air between the panes helping to keep all the heat in your home. So what are the advantages of triple glazing?

Noise reduction

Triple glazing is great if you live in an urban area as sound has to travel through the  layers of glass. So even if any sound does manage to get into your home it will be much quieter.

A warmer home

Triple glazing is also a fantastic long term solution to help you save money on your heating bills. The heat will have to manage to escape through tripled glazed glass. This will help you save money and keep your home super cosy. 

Reduce condensation

Condensation is caused by moisture coming into contact with the cold surface of your window. Triple glazing reduces the heat that is lost by conduction. Triple glazing is an investment in your home as it helps keep your home warm all year round.

Safer home

Triple glazing makes your home significantly far more secure.  Putting off potential  intruders.

Adding value to your home

If you choose to invest in triple glazing, you will automatically add value to your home. So if you’re looking to sell your property, this is a fantastic way to increase market price.

So is triple glazing worth it? Absolutely! Triple glazing helps you to reduce noise pollution, makes your home warmer, reduces condensation, increases your home’s security and adds value and increases curb appeal. Woodfield Windows are fantastic at providing high-quality triple glazing. We have over 35 years experience in the industry and we provide a 10-year full warranty. We’re able to provide you with a wide range services such as window installation, repair services and much more. We are experts in our field and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation quote, call us on: 01895 622 207, email us at:[email protected] or go through our website: